What We Do

Business Setup In Dubai

We offer our clients Pro Services, Selection of Local Partner, Tenancy Contracts & much more!

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Visa Services

We have expert lawyers who can help you in getting Schengen Visa, Visit Visa for Australia/Canada/USA & many more.

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document processing service dubai

Documents Clearance

There are departments we serve: Department of Economics, Ministry of Labor, Immigration Department...

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About Us

Confirmation the concepts of community responsibility and to have cooperation with the Government and private agencies to contribute in the process of technical development to achieve our aim and mission.

Excellence in the provision of typing services and documents clearance with utmost sufficiency.

Credibility, Transparency, Responsibility, Commitment, Honesty & Teamwork.


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Howard K. Stern
Howard K. Stern

We are the Leading Business Setup & Documents Clearing Company in Dubai,
closely Works with UAE Government

Ministry of Labour Ministry of Healht Economic Development Emirates Identity Authority Dubai Chamber Land Department
Muncipality Immigration Authority Dubai Police Economic Development Abu Dhabi RTA Health Authority Abu Dhabi