Local Sponsorship

Dubai is a city with an excellent coverage of many people from various parts of World to set up a business. Such firms have their thought of obtaining the immense benefits by the Dubai business settings. With the introduction of a foreign company, it gives entry to enjoy business benefits offered by tax-free zones in the UAE.

If you are an immigrant and wish to commence business in UAE, you should have individual ownership in business together with a local sponsor in Dubai.

As per the rule by UAE nation, it’s a mandatory requirement and an essential factor in the company formation process to have a local sponsor (UAE national) when setting up a new business in (Mainland) other than free Zone. The immigrant interested in setting up the business must have legal documents to prove that 51% of the share is owned by a local person or a local company owned by UAE national. The Sponsor is a sleeping partner and is only expected to perform the legal requirement and has no rights to the business management, profits or turnover. A greater division of Dubai Limited Liability Companies engages the local UAE sponsor as a “silent partner.” In this system, the local UAE sponsor is normally paid an annual “sponsorship fee” in return for providing management authority of the company to the foreign investor.

If you are thinking sponsorship for your new business venture or is not content with your current sponsor, we at Top Business can help you with suitable business sponsors.

Why hire us?

  • We will assist you by introducing you to trustworthy, silent and reliable partners.
  • We follow stringent procedures to assess apt nationals as local partners.
  • We recommend dependable individuals as sponsors who have a well-established track record of non-interference in the businesses.
  • We can assist and arrange the local service agents for your particular business to operate in the Dubai market.
  • We also produce an agreement (other than MOA) between the local sponsor and investors to protect their investments in the company.